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Immerse yourself in the captivating glow of the flames. 

Escape to a realm of outdoor bliss with the Morsø Kamino outdoor fireplace. This remarkable creation, crafted from sturdy cast iron, effortlessly enhances the allure of any outdoor setting while extending its utility throughout the seasons. Embrace the early spring mornings, relish in the cool summer evenings, and linger in the enchanting ambience well into the early autumn.

The Morsø Kamino is an epitome of versatility, designed to adapt to your preferences. Its moveable nature enables easy repositioning, ensuring optimal comfort in relation to the wind and desired arrangement. This means you can create the perfect outdoor atmosphere that suits your every mood, and extend your enjoyment of the great outdoors by creating a warming heat to help stave off those cooler evenings in the early spring and late autumn months.

Standard Features

  • Crafted from durable cast iron
  • Moveable design for effortless repositioning

Anyone who chooses a Morsø product benefits from the experience that has matured from over 170 years of production. In 1853 Niels Andreas Christensen founded his iron foundry on the island of Mors and initially manufactured various products – from stable windows to pots and pans. Around the turn of the century, the company focused on hand-crafting wood burning fireplaces, and in 1915 received the title of Royal Purveyor, which Morsø still holds today.

Immerse yourself in the captivating glow of the crackling flames as they dance gracefully within the Kamino. Its commanding dimensions and substantial weight lend an air of elegance and stability to your outdoor space, making it a mesmerising centrepiece that exudes both charm and durability.

Elevate your outdoor living experience with the Morsø Kamino outdoor fireplace. Let it create a captivating atmosphere, warm your gatherings, and become the heart of your outdoor oasis.

You can also cook with the Kamino by adding the optional Morsø Tuscan Grill




Format: approx. 45.0 x 181.5 x 45.0 cm

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