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Experience the perfect blend of simplicity and style

Designed to embody a sense of serene wholeness, this stove combines clean lines, hidden hinges, and impeccable functionality to create a truly timeless addition to your home.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Morsø 6143 boasts a design that is both simple and complete. Its form, construction, and cast iron components seamlessly blend together, showcasing Morsø commitment to keeping things elegantly uncomplicated.

Not only does this stove exude charm, but it also prioritises the environment. Tested and approved to meet the strictest global environmental standards, the Morsø 6143 ensures that you can enjoy the warmth and ambience it offers guilt-free.

Standard Features

  • Timeless design with clean lines and hidden hinges
  • Constructed with precision using high-quality cast iron components
  • Environmentally friendly, meeting the strictest global environmental standards
  • Glass door provides a mesmerising view of the flickering flames
  • Convenient log store for easy access to firewood
  • Reversible flue collar extends the options on fitting [rear or top flue]
  • DIBt approved [requires an external air kit] maintaining strict thermal mass requirements for Passive Homes.


Format: approx. 45.1 x 95.0 x 38.6 cm

Weight : approx. 113.0 kg

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