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Buller, designed specifically for the high country, is powerful yet efficient in wood consumption. With a large firebox, the Buller has a very clean burn, and a beautiful view through the landscape style glass window. Easy to operate, the heater produces instant warmth after lighting. Powerful natural convection will distribute warm air quickly throughout your house. Prolonged burning is achieved with larger well-seasoned logs, giving the heater just enough airflow to burn long, clean and efficiently.

Standard Features

  • Perfect distribution of heat
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Showpiece design, impeccably crafted
  • State of the art technology
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany
  • Uncomplicated, cost-effective and safe installation


Heating Capacity 280sqm

Weight 158 kg

Dimensions W700 x D527 x H/870

Efficiency AUS 1.4g

Wood Usage 2kg/hr

Amber retension 8 hr+

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